The DMX Panel is used to control stage lighting. Each Layer can control one DMX Universe with up to 512 Channels. Channel values can be set individually, grouped into Presets, or timeline controlled using Keyframes Animation.

DMX User Interface

Configuring ArtNet-DMX

Mapstard broadcasts DMX Channel Values as ArtNet-DMX messages on the defined local network card IP-Address of the computer. 
To connect DMX stage lighting equipment to a computer running mapstard, an ArtNet-DMX hardware converter is needed. If you have ArtNet capable stage lighting, no hardware converter is needed.  

To start ArtNet-DMX, activate the Layer, then click menu [ArtNet-DMX > ArtNet Settings]. In the ArtNet Settings Window, enter the IP-Address of the network card of your computer, connected to the ArtNet network. Click the Play button to Start ArtNet-DMX, mapstard must be in playback mode for DMX Channel Value broadcast.

ArtNet Settings Window


ArtNet-DMX Menu The ArtNet-DMX Menu operates on Active Layer, some menu functions on selected DMX Channel(s)
ArtNet Settings Open ArtNet Settings Window, configure IP Address, connect to network
Load Configuration File Loads DMX Channels configured as Fixtures from the specified Configuration File.

Sample Configuration Files can be found in the application folder.

DMX Configuration Files are in XML format and can be edited with any Text Editor.

Add DMX Channel Add DMX Channel to Active Layer
Copy DMX Channel Copy selected DMX Channel(s) in Active Layer
Randomize DMX Channel Values Set Random Values to selected DMX Channel(s)
Select All DMX Channels Select all DMX Channels in Active Layer, Presets and Animation operate on Selected DMX Channels 
Deselect All DMX Channels Deselect all DMX Channels in Active Layer
Invert DMX Channel Selection Deselects Selected DMX Channels and vice versa
Remove DMX Channel Remove selected DMX Channel(s) from Active Layer