In Media panel, video-, image and audio files, video input from camera or capture card and custom text input can be added.
Loaded Media can be displayed on a Map and/or used as a Mask on a Map. Maps are displayed on the defined Output Window.
Output Windows can be sized and positioned to any Video Output Device connected to the computer.


Media User Interface


Video-, Image- and Audio Files
To add video-, image  and audio files, double click the empty Media Panel, or choose from menu [Media > Add from File (Videos, Images, Audio)]

Video Input
To add Video Input, choose from menu [Media > Add Video Input (Camera etc.)] 
Note: Video Input must first be activated in mapstard Program Settings.

Custom Text
To add custom Text choose from menu [Media > Add Text]
To edit Text: select the Text in Media Panel, then press enter or click on menu [Media > Preview/Edit] or hold keyboard [CTRL] key and click on the Text to be edited.

Media Playback
Loaded Media (video-, image and audio files, video input from camera and custom text) can be displayed on Maps.
To display the Media on a Map: Select the Map(s) in the Map Panel, then double click the Media in Media Panel.
Alternatively, detach the Media and/or Map Panel via the Menu [View > Detach User Interface > Media / Mapping], then the Media can be dragged on dropped on the Map.
Media can also be dragged and dropped to Map(s) in Timeline Window, or alternatively the Menu [Media > Send Media to Map] can be used.

Loaded Media (video-, image and audio files, video input from camera and custom text) can be used as Mask on Map(s).
To set the Media as Mask on a Map: select the Map(s) in the Map Panel, then right click the Media in Media Panel.


Media Menu The Media Menu operates on active Layer and on selected Media.
Add From File (Videos, Images, Audio) Adds all popular Video, Image and Audio File formats to Media Panel.
Add Video Input (Camera etc.)

Adds Video Input from capture device (e.g. Web cam, Capture Card).
Before this feature can be used, video input devices must be connected to the computer and the count has to be defined in application program settings. 

Add Text Adds custom Text, default text is added to Media Panel.
To edit Text, CTRL + Click Media Panel or choose
Preview/ Edit Menu.
Add Black and White Adds system black and white media images for fading to black/white
Preview/ Edit

Video/Image/Audio: Opens Media in default application.
Text: Opens Text Setup Window to configure text, font, color etc.
Video Input:
no action.


Copies selected Media.
A Media Item can be playback on multiple maps as instance - media timing occours for all maps at once.
If Media is copied, Media playback timing can be adjusted for each Map individually.

Show Media Info Shows info of selected Media, such as frame size, length, codec used etc.
Batch Video Conversion... Allows batch conversion to another codec of all Videos in selected Layer.
Send Media to Map Starts playback of selected Media on selected Map(s).
Remove Media from Map Removes Media from selected Map(s).
Send Mask to Map Masks selected Map(s) with the selected Media - Grayscale Masking: White=Pass, Black=Block.

All kind of Media can be used to Mask Maps - Images, Video Clips, Custom Text and Video Input.

Remove Mask from Map Removes masking from selected Map(s).
Create Slideshow from Media Creates a slideshow on selected Map(s) using all Images and Videos loaded in the Media Panel.

Timeline duration or Marker Time Frame
(if set)  is used for Slideshow timing.
Create Playlist from Audio Creates a playlist from Audio files loaded in active Layer and adjusts Timeline length.
Attention: Existing Audio Animation is deleted without further notice.
Video Audio Enable/Disable Enables Audio playback of the selected Video file - by default Video files are playback without audio.
Remove Media from Layer Removes selected Media from Layer, from Map(s) and from Animation.
Stop Audio Stops Audio Playback of all Audio Files in active Layer.
Reset Media in Layer Removes all loaded Media from Media Panel of active Layer.