This section is used to add, manage and manipulate Media Display Surfaces, which in mapstard are called Maps. Loaded Media is playback on Map(s).

Maps can be simple quads routed full screen to the desired Output Window, or complex shaped real-time designable surfaces fitting the target architecture.


Map User Interface

To add a Map, double click in an empty space of the Map Panel, or select Menu [Mapping > Add]. New Maps added this way are full screen quads.

Map drawing and other shape manipulations are made directly on the Output Window.


Mapping Menu 
Start EditStart Map Edit Mode - Mapping Mesh/Grid is displayed on Output Window and Texture Coordinates.

Mapping Grid and Mapping Points can be adjusted in Output Window.

Texture Coordinates can be adjusted in Texture Coordinates.

Stop EditStop Map Edit Mode on selected Map(s) - Use to individually disable Maps on Multi-Map Projects.
AddAdd a Map to active Layer, default Output Windows is always 1, Maps added this way are displayed full screen in Output Window.
DrawAdd a Map to active Layer, enable Draw Map in Output Window.

Maps can be drawn in Output Window, simply by clicking the relative positions on the target geometry/ architectural object.

The Projector faces an architectural object.
Output Window positioned on Projector.
Maps can be drawn directly on architectural object, because the Projector is displaying them on it.

CopyCopy/Duplicate selected Map(s).
DetachCopy the shape of selected Points of a Map to a new Map.
DetailsIncrease, decrease number of selected Map Point(s).
Finalize Map position, shape, Animation and Preset setup before changing details.
IncreaseIncrease the details of the selected Map(s), increasing the render quality.
DecreaseDecrease the details of the selected Map(s), decreasing the render quality.
Set Tessellation IterationsSet the Tessellation Iterations for 4 Point Maps, used to render Texture Interpolation (Linear & Perspective).

Value Range from 0 to 5 - Setting affects Quality and Performance. Recommended Value = 3

TextureTexture Coordinate Operations on Selected Map(s)
Full ScreenTexture completely fills Map.
Fit to Media SizeTexture Coordinates will be adjusted to size of the Media contained in the Map. 
Result of the operation depends from the Map geometry.
WrappingDefines Texture wrapping on Map
Clamp to BorderTexture zoom out with not repeat on Map  (default).
Clamp to EdgeTexture zoom out, tears the Texture edges to the border of the Map.
RepeatTexture tiling on Map when zoomed out.
Mirrored RepeatMirrored Texture tiling on map when zoomed out.
InterpolationDefines the Texture Interpolation on Map
LinearLinear Texture Interpolation on Map - default setting, always applied for non Quad Maps > 4 Points
PerspectivePerspective Texture Interpolation, only for simple Quad Maps with  4 Points
Rotate 90 CWRotate Texture 90 degrees clockwise.
Rotate 90 CCWRotate Texture 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
Flip HorizontalFlip Texture Coordinates horizontally.
Flip VerticalFlip Texture Coordinates vertically.
Synchronize CoordinatesPosition the Texture Coordinate Points to match the Map Coordinate Points.
Cuts media to any shape without distortion.
Align XAlign selected Texture Coordinates horizontally.
Align YAlign selected Texture Coordinates vertically.
Distribute XDistribute selected Texture Coordinates horizontally.
Distribute YDistribute selected Texture Coordinates vertically.
Merge Map PointsMerge selected Texture Point Positions - Seamless Texturing.
OutputSelected Map Operations on Output Window
Full ScreenSelected Map(s) completely fill Output Window.
Fit to Media SizeFits the selected Map(s) geometry to the contained Media Size (if any)
Rotate 90 CWRotates selected Map(s) on Output Window by 90 degrees clockwise.
Rotate 90 CCWRotates selected Map(s) on Output Window by 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
Flip HorizontalFlip selected Map(s) horizontally on Output Window.
Flip VerticalFlip selected Map(s) vertically on Output Window.
Align XAlign selected Map(s) horizontally.
Align YAlign selected Map(s) vertically.
Distribute XDistribute Selected Map(s) horizontally on Output Window.
Distribute YDistribute Selected Map(s) Vertically on Output Window.
Merge Map PointsMerges Selected Map Point Positions - Seamless Mapping.
Soft EdgeA Map can hold up to 64 Soft Edges, Soft Edges can be edited the same way as Maps, including Animation
AddAdd Soft Edge to selected Map(s)
RemoveRemove selected Soft Edge(s)
ShowShow Soft Edge(s) - used for Animation/Presets
HideHide selected Soft Edge(s) - used for Animation/Presets
ResetReset Soft Edge(s) on selected Map(s)
TransformMap shape transformations on Output Window and randomizations.
Texture coordinates can be synchronized via Texture > Synchronize Coordinates.
ArcTransform Map(s) to Arc(s).
BoxTransform Map(s) to Box(es).
RectangleTransform Map(s) to full screen Rectangle(s).
CircleTransform Map(s) to Circle(s).
Half CircleTransform Map(s) to Half Circle(s).
RingTransform Map(s) to Ring(s).
Spherize XTransform Map(s) to Sphere(s) using Map Width.
Spherize YTransform Map(s) to Sphere(s) using Map Height.
TriangleTransform Map(s) to Triangle(s).
Randomize PositionRandomize selected Map(s) position on Output Window.
Randomize Point PositionRandomize selected Map Points(s) position on Output Window.
ExplodeDetach each group of 4 Points(s) defining the selected Map(s) to a new Map - similar to Detach.
Randomize ColorRandomize selected Map Color.
Randomize Point ColorRandomize Selected Map Point Color.
3DLoad 3D Model to an existing Map, choose wireframe or solid rendering.
Map and Texture Coordinate Operations are also valid for 3D Model Maps.
Load 3D Model from Wavefront Obj FileLoad a 3D Model from OBJ file to selected Map(s).

When exporting from your favorite 3D application to OBJ File, ensure your Model has face normals and texture coordinates correctly set.

3D Model Maps can be positioned, scaled, rotated as any other Map.

Render SolidRenders the 3D Model Solid using Map Color and Media Playback on Map.

E.g. You can load a Sphere Model, then apply an Earth texture image, text, video clip on it.

Render WireFrameRenders the 3D Model wireframe using Map Color.
EffectsSoft Edge on selected Map(s)
Assign FreeFrameGL to selected Map(s).
Enable Feedback on selected Map(s).
  Apply Auto Soft EdgeCreates Auto Soft Edge around the selected Map(s).
If you need to create custom Gradients, select the Map Point(s) and adjust Color and Alpha.
If the Map is animated, the Soft Edge can be set on Keyframes individually.
To set Soft Edge for all Keyframes, enable Animation > Apply to all Keyframes > Color
  Remove Auto Soft EdgeRemoves Auto Soft Edge around the selected Map(s). For animated Map(s) see note above.
Feedback OnDisplay the Output Window content in selected Map(s).
Rotate, position, scale or color the Map to get Feedback Effect.
Feedback OffRemove Feedback from selected Map(s).
Add FreeFrame EffectAdd a FreeFrameGL effect to selected Map(s).
The Effect Library File has to be selected.
Remove FreeFrame EffectRemove FreeFrameGL effect from selected Map(s).
RemoveRemove Selected Maps.


Overlay & Mask MenuTransparency and Mask behaviour of selected Map(s)
InvertRender Inverted Map Color/Media Color
MixTransparency: Mix Map Color/ Media with background (default)
Mix AlphaMix Alpha Channel of Media playback on Map (only Media PNG images)
MaskRender as Mask - Using Map Color or Media - Grayscale Masking: White = Pass, Black = Block
Turn OffTurn off Overlay/Mask - no transparency/ alpha settings/ soft-edge